Who We Are


We have quite the reputation around town. 20 years in the community, we pride ourselves on establishing lasting relationships with our clients. Most of whom have been with us for nearly 20 years!

Our most often received and valued testimonial from our client is, "I don't know what I would do without this Pilates studio in my life!". Of course, operative word is Pilates. Make the connection between your body, mind, and soul. We will take care of the rest.

Pilates, it’s not just a fad...
It’s a love affair that lasts a lifetime.

Who You Are

Whether you are 22 or 82, a stay-at-home Mom or Dad who drives their kids all around town {I won’t even mention the word baseball}, a busy executive with a high stress job, or retired and living the good life who wants to try something new. My Pilates Body will design the perfect workout that will help you reach your fitness goals and get you better prepared for whatever life throws at you next.


Meet the Team


Erica Meek


Erica began her Pilates career as a temp; hired to only answer the phones for 3.5 days at the studio now known as My Pilates Body… that was 16 years ago. What was supposed to be only a few days has turned into Erica’s whole life. Not “whole life” in a sad, depressing way but…ok maybe a little bit sad and depressing. She also has a cat but that’s neither here nor there. Nonetheless, it was and always will be her baby. Erica worked her way up from receptionist to Manager while also becoming an Instructor at My Pilates Body before taking over the studio 11 years ago.

She was certified by Master Teacher Ivon Dahl and has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years. Her style of teaching is a blend of intense, creative movements mixed with a lot of fun. After all, laughing works your abs, too.

Erica still currently teaches but, is not taking any new clients at this time.


Namiki Rile


Namiki was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. She has been dancing since the age of 4. She continued her dancing career through out her life. After relocating to the Los Angeles area - she has also participated and performed with many talented choreographers and dancers (including musical and dance stage, televisions and films, etc).

Namiki earned the Pilates certification through the Classic Pilates Method (ROMANA) under instruction of Dana Santi who was taught by Romana Kryzanowska and Jillian Hessel as a guest teacher.

Namiki understands the body's natural movement - not only from a dancer’s perspective, but from an athletic standpoint as well. She has also been working with many types of clients to help them re-pattern their movements to become more efficient in their respective field, to tone their muscle, pre/post natal and to help strengthen existing injuries, etc.

Namiki is learning Biomechanics to understand more about anatomy and the human body as well.

Namiki has also started her work shop in Japan!


Heather McCullough-Wood


With over 15 years of teaching experience, Heather was drawn to Pilates for the rehabilitative aspects of body conditioning. She was certified under Master Instructor of 30+ years, Ivon Dahl, in the International Pilates school. Her emphasis has been on rehab, post-op, pre/post natal and programs designed for Seniors. In addition to teaching Pilates, Heather is a certified nutritionist.


Stacey McKenzie


Stacey McKenzie has been studying and teaching Pilates for over 20 years. As a dance student at New York University, Stacey first started studying Pilates with master teacher Deborah Lessen of Green Street Studios in SoHo, New York. Soon after graduating, she apprenticed and taught for Ms. Lessen, as well as danced professionally with various NYC-based modern dance companies. After locating to Southern California, she taught for former Martha Graham dancer Julian Littleford of JL Body Conditioning in Del Mar, California.

In addition, Stacey is a Registered Nurse, BSN. In Los Angeles, she has worked as a medical-surgical nurse at Keck Hospital of USC and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. There she has worked with an array of patients ranging from pre/post liver transplant to orthopedics.

Stacey’s combination of medical and professional dance background along with her decades of Pilates experience make her a unique stand-out among Pilates instructors. As a stickler for technique and form, she can challenge the most expert clients, however her nursing background gives her a compassion and skill with all levels of ability, and disabilities. She focuses on developing strength, agility, and balance, and most of all a deeper sophistication in understanding how one’s body works and flows.


Jess Sospirato


Jess Sospirato is a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching in Los Angeles, CA for over 16+ years. Her absolute passion for fitness and her ability to motivate people are the reasons students drive from all over the city to train with her. Most of her clients have been working with her for over 10 years. In addition to her thriving private Pilates business, she also teach a H.I.I.P (High-Intensity Interval Pilates class in West Hollywood, CA.)

Jess earned her Pilates certification through the Instructor Program at Absolution-a distinguished Pilates studio in West Hollywood, CA. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is contagious! She loves working with all fitness levels, from newcomer to experienced students, with her fun and challenging style. Her method is focused on the "Classical" technique created by Joseph Pilates. She is an exceptionally motivated teacher who is dedicated to challenging while inspiring her students toward breakthroughs in their level of health and fitness. Jess teaches you the right tools to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

A native Angeleno, she has been hooked into the fitness and Rock 'n’ Roll culture all her life. Responding to the needs of her Hollywood clients who like to rock out while getting fit. She has built on Joseph Pilates’ principles to create her own series of original exercises. Her workouts remain focused on strengthening the core and creating long, lean muscles while kicking it up a notch and giving it a killer beat.

Her philosophy is all about celebrating one's body and growing stronger from within. Every body is unique and her focus is on helping you love the body you have and become the healthiest "YOU" possible. She creates a sense of community and camaraderie, making class so fun that you actually want to show up for it...even though you know she will KICK.YOUR.ASS!!!